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Arj Selvam


i have a varied background and am on my fourth (probably fifth) act. I'm currently building pala, a yet-to-launch media, and consumer-goods companyA vibrant digital publication and a small product offering within the personal-care space, launching later in 2020.. pala is about living a considered life, through the lens of the mind, body, and environment. I also enjoy taking photos and writing, though I don't practice either as much as I'd like. Currently — and due to covid-19 — I'm marooned in Australia.

"Hotel Meditation" in Zürich, Switzerland; 2019 (Sony α7III; 18mm at f/2.8, 1/500, ISO 100)


I am the founder of pala, an entity rooted in well-being and inspired by my health journey. Although pala is scheduled to launch later this year, I remain cognizant of this pandemic's impact. Commerce comes second to public health, so when we launch, we'll continue to acknowledge this and find ways to bring relief to those affected — however great or small the gesture.

When schedules align, I consult (advice, strategy, operations, hiring) for consumer technology companies founded by good people who are building conscious products or services.


I don't like the concept of listing career achievements, roles held at high-profile organizations, or the institution one attended. Understandably, it's not practical, but I've come to hold a higher regard for one's current outlook, than their previous accomplishments (or lack of). Like most, I have had career wins and career losses, and it's the career lows which have made me a better person. If credentials are needed, please email me.


As I've gotten older, I've found myself looking inwards more, and that has led me to the practices of meditating, solo-running, and yoga (Iyengar). These slow, ancient eastern practices have helped me cultivate a simpler and balanced life for me.


Last year, I wrote a set of (personal) virtues — inspired by Benjamin Franklin's — to help guide me. They're of course nothing more than collection of words with a hopeful demeanour; however, they link to a past experience which taught me something about myself — and now they're etched in memory. In no particular order: HumilityHumility — Embody modesty and refrain from self-promotion, resistanceResistance — Stand for what is right, be vocal for the people and things which matter to me, consciousnessConsciousness — Engage intentionally and with volition, colorColor — Become lost in the arts, study what makes the world beautiful, and compassionCompassion —Bring love and joy for others and self.



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